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Australia's Massage and Mindfulness treats muscular pain and stress related problems in adults and children, tailoring services to individuals' needs. This is achieved through a guided mindfulness in the moments prior to massage. As the mind relaxes so does the body's connective tissue, enhancing the efficacy of treating muscular and joint pain and promoting well-being through self-awareness. Remedial, Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage are available.

(Mindfulness optional).

Individual, Group & Corporate Massage and/or Mindfulness Consultancy Available, including a Mindfulness in Schools Program.

When you have a massage therapy session with Rochelle she a​mazingly, professionally and in a caring manner draws out all the unwanted pain and makes you feel so relaxed, you leave feeling ‘a new person’ ".(Louise)


massage + MINDFULNESS operates with a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Coronavirus Business Plan. The Massage Therapist / Rochelle Paten holds an Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Rochelle is certified in massage specific 'Infection Prevention & Control Training for COVID-19'. 


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