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Treating Adults and Children 


Massage and Mindfulness focuses on the treatment of stress related problems in adults and children. This is achieved by using therapeutic massage in combination with mindfulness techniques that assist clients to reach a deep state of relaxation. Services are centred around each person’s individual needs and reason for attending. The treatment aims to address muscular discomfort and pain from facial to deep tissue. While the overall purpose of the therapy is to improve clients’ self-awareness of their physical, mental and emotional needs.


Massage and Mindfulness provides face to face services to adults and children in a range of settings to meet the diverse needs of clients, including clinic-based services, outreach or home-based services for special needs clients, and corporate based services. Services can be provided to an individual, group or in a corporate environment. All services are delivered in an environmentally sustainable setting, using sustainable practices while meeting clinical standards. Clinic-based services are located at the peaceful and quiet country home of Rochelle Paten in Harcourt, near beautiful Mount Alexander and along the Barkers Creek, only 10 minutes-drive from the historic regional centre of Castlemaine in Australia. Neighbouring accommodation, and accommodation at the Create Retreats or the Tread Harcourt, can be sought. 


Massage and Mindfulness is owned and managed by Rochelle Paten, a Massage Therapist & Mindfulness consultant. Rochelle has worked with adults and children in acute and community health services for 25 years in a manner where practitioners work collaboratively to support clients with treatment, referral, and secondary consultation/opinion, taking a holistic approach to clients’ health. For the last 7 years Rochelle's work has included individual and group Mindfulness therapy with cancer patients and their carers in a leading Victorian regional hospital.