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Australia's Massage and Mindfulness treats muscular pain and stress related problems in adults and children, tailoring services to individuals' needs.

Remedial, Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage is available.

Mindfulness can be combined with massage. As the mind relaxes so does the body's connective tissue, enhancing the efficacy of treating muscular and joint pain and promoting well-being through self-awareness. (Mindfulness is optional).


Individual, Group & Corporate Massage and/or Mindfulness Consultancy Available, including a Mindfulness in Schools Program.

When you have a massage therapy session with Rochelle she a​mazingly, professionally and in a caring manner draws out all the unwanted pain and makes you feel so relaxed, you leave feeling ‘a new person’ ".(Louise)


massage + MINDFULNESS operates with a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Coronavirus Business Plan. The Massage Therapist / Rochelle Paten holds an Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Rochelle is certified in massage specific 'Infection Prevention & Control Training for COVID-19'. 


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